Embed Microsoft Access Forms Online

With EQL OnWeb you can now embed your forms online! This allows you to easily send your users a URL rather than a file to collect the data you need.

Estimated Time: 6 - 8 Minutes.

NOTE: In order to proceed, you need to download and install the EQL plugin for Microsoft Access.

Step 1: Create a form for users to fill out

Here I have a database table called IT Requests ready to collect IT requests from employees in various different departments of the company.

IT Requests:  Table

I also have a form called IT Requests Form that collects and stores data into the IT Requests table. The details of how these forms and tables are created can be found here.

IT Requests Form

Step 2: Setup AutoExec

In order for the form to show up within your web browser you need to create an autoexec macro. Under Objects select Macros and select New to create a new macro. In the new window type OpenForm in the Action column.

Autoexec:  Macro

You will then notice an Action Arguments section at the bottom of that window. Within that section enter the Form Name; in my case I enter IT Requests Form. Save the macro and name it autoexec.

Action Arguments

Step 3: Activate the EQL plugin

Go to Tools | Add-Ins in the menu bar and click on EQL Data - Activate to activate the plugin. This will close the database in order to activate the plugin.

EQL Data - Activate

Step 4: Synchronize Database with OnWeb Server

Now we're ready to put the form on the internet! Open up the database again (after it was closed in the previous step). Notice there is an additional toolbar (EQL Toolbar) with two new buttons. Click on EQL Synchronize to synchronize the database with the OnWeb Server.

EQL Synchronize

Step 5: View the Form on the Internet

The Form is now synchronized and ready for viewing on the internet! Click on the Webview button in the EQL Toolbar.

Web View

This launches the default web browser and displays the EQL Dashboard. Under the EQL Access OnWeb section click on 'Run this database'. This will launch the Access Form within the web browser; in my case it launches my IT Requests Form.

Step 6: Share your form

Now I'm able to share the form by sending the url in the address bar to the company employees allowing them to easily make requests to the IT team. Once they've made an entry, OnWeb will save the data on the server.

IT Requests Form - on the web

Step 7: Collect Data

In order to save a local copy of the data in Microsoft Access I simply click on the EQL Synchronize button as shown in step 2 and the data is saved into my local database.

IT Requests: Table - synchronized with web

And there you have it: easily collect data over the internet using a Microsoft Access form.

Find more information about EQL OnWeb here.

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