The Better Way to Use Microsoft® Access™

EQL Access OnWeb is the only solution that allows you to run Microsoft® Access™ applications inside a web browser.

  • No rewriting, migration, or extra maintenance. OnWeb works with existing Access™ applications and doesn't disrupt any established development processes. Keep on using Access™!

  • No installation hassles. The EQL Plugin installs and synchronizes your application with an OnWeb server in under 5 minutes. We ensure your web database is secure and available 24/7.

  • Pay only for what you use. OnWeb's concurrent user pricing means you only pay for the time users actively run your web databases - we don't charge for inactive users.

Remote Access

Use your Access database from a remote machine with internet. No need to install Microsoft Access.


Stay Synchronized

Multiple users with multiple copies of a database will stay in sync. No more management overhead.


Collect Data

Collect information from customers and employees by embedding Access Forms on your website.